Sijalka Cultilite CFL 250w, RAST

Sijalka Cultilite CFL 250w, RAST


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High technologies dedicated to indoor growing

Cultilite” was born in England with the declared aim of realizing CFL lamps that had an high grade of quality, able to satisfy the needs of little and middle size growers, all over Europe.

To realize this project we had to install a crammed cooperation network with important American research laboratories based in California, that is notoriously highly advanced in developing technologies dedicated to “indoor growing”.

During the projecting of our lamps we asked ourselves, thinking to our final consumers, which would be for them the most important features that a CFL lamp dedicated to home horticulture should have:
*low energetic consume considering the high emission of lumens;
*a bright coloration that stimulates as much as possible the photosynthesis and that would also be right for all the stages of the plant’s life cycle; Photosyntetically active radiations (PAR) easily achieve 98%;
*energetic efficiency;
*higher resistance to transports and strikes thanks to a thicker glass and to the two welded spots between each U.

How to give answer to these needs?
Eco-Power: first of all, our lamps reenter in the A category of the “Energy Class”: they were created to transform nearly the whole total amount of the energy absorbed in light.
Our lamps have a Power Factor of 0,98: this means that the 98% of absorbed energy is transformed in light.
For this reason they release very little heat and can be used even in summer and in small settings.

Then, Cultilite lamps have been imagined and created with the number of U necessary to optimize the relation between consumption and emission of light.
For example: concerning our ECO-POWER 150W, our researches have sure enough demonstrated that using a 5U instead of 6 gives the chance to reduce the energy absorption (120W) in front of a high output (150W) keeping the same lumen emission.

Colorations: Cultilite has chosen for the three that resulted to be the most suitable colorations for the indoor growing:
2100°K, for both growing and blooming stages;
6400°K, specific for growing phase and for green plants;
2700°K, dedicated to blooming and fruiting phase.

These color “temperatures” correspond to the highest peaks of absorption of the light by plants, that use this energy for anabolic processes.

G-Shock: our CFLs have been realized in thicker glass and have two welded spots between each U. This innovation reduces the damage risks caused by transports or mistakes in handling the lamps during the installation.
Moreover, have decided to use only air-boxes for our lamps because this is the best way to preserve the integrity of the lamps during transports.

Be careful! Obviously the lamps won’t resist to falls or strong impacts!

Our lamps are provided with WEEE, CE and ROHS marks.

Giving the special attention we pay to quality we proudly offer a one-year-warranty on our entire range.


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